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A Month of Focused Prayer

It is incredibly exciting to see how the Lord has blessed Church Project in the seven months since its launch.  Week by week we have the joy of welcoming new guests as they come to visit and worship with us. We have also had the encouragement of seeing many of them return, connecting to House Churches, and becoming part of our growing church family.

At this week’s First Wednesday we talked about one particular challenge that our growing numbers bring -  limited space.  Church growth experts refer to what is called the “80% rule” when discussing ministry space.  This is the theory that when a ministry space is at 80% capacity it feels full and further growth will be significantly constrained by the limitations on space.  We are currently running above 80% in our gathering space, and at 100% of our Project Kids space every Sunday.  As things stand right now, we have no room to grow.

 What are our options?

  1. Stay in our current location

  2. Find a larger space to rent on Sundays only

  3. Rent/purchase a larger space that we can call our own and use throughout the week

All three options present different challenges. Staying in our current location will require us to consider moving to two services which for several reasons may not be ideal.  Finding a larger space to rent on Sundays may require additional set up and have other logistical challenges.  Renting/purchasing our own space opens the door for all kinds of ministry opportunities but the financial commitment would require a significant increase from our current income.

What are we going to do now?

The decisions ahead of us are significant and we want to be in step with the Lord as we walk together as a church.  We believe that the most important first step for us is to seek the Lord and ask for His help and guidance, and that He would give us a clear sense of how we should move forward being good stewards of all that He has given us.  So, we have decided to make May a Month of Focused prayer and Fasting. While we would like you to make this a matter for daily prayer, we have set up an online sign-up at the link below where you can choose a specific day or days - please pray with us.  

Prayer & Fasting Sign Up

We will finish the month with a Night of Prayer on Wednesday May 29th at the church office (House Churches will not meet on this date).

Looking forward to praying with you and seeing where God leads us as a church in the days ahead.

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