People who follow Jesus give their lives away to serve others. Jesus did that – and so should those who follow Him. We want to follow Jesus, and we encourage and challenge one another to give our lives to things that matter now and forever.

The early church met by the thousands on Sundays, lived in community by the dozens in House Churches throughout the week, and used their life and resources to serve their world. Church Project is committed to following the life and teachings of Jesus by meeting needs and sharing the gospel.  

Church Project partners financially and personally with effective ministries who meet needs and share the love of Christ. We have local and global partners who we join together with through people serving, and through our giving. We give our lives and time and talents to serve and lead and impact our world.

As our giving shows where our heart is, we are convicted and committed and compelled to be generous givers. We budget a percentage outside of the walls and operations of the church building and leadership. We constrain all of our financial decisions by these commitments.

- Each local and global Ministry Partner is vetted carefully, supported generously, and held accountable by Church Project.

- Each Ministry Partner has a liaison from Church Project who supports our Ministry Partner, and who connects people from our church into serving opportunities with their specific ministry.

- Each Ministry Partner receives dependable, consistent monthly and annual financial support from Church Project.